Your birthright was stolen from you.

You can thank the march of industrial society for that.

And why not? The needs of capital must be met!

Men had this life stolen first of course, gone are the days where one could work and live in a community of friends and family, to work the land or to run a inn, or mill. Men gave that up to slave in mines, or work in factories - and for a little while - the beast of capital was satiated.

When that wasn't enough - the women were attacked next.

Your birthright was stolen from you, you can thank corporate feminism for that.

And why not? We don't ask to much...

All you had to do was give up your femininity, your life blood of being a mother, your family structures and your natural instincts.

All you had to do was go work for 40 years, just to be able to afford the same life allowed by a single income household half a century ago.

All you had to do is become 'educated', and 'independent', but while the capitalist system pumps out more worker bees, the real work of life - family, home and children, have been decimated.

It's interesting that wages became stagnant as soon as women entered the workforce, and why not? Suddenly twice the number of working adults were available for the economy to consume.

And what did you get? Independence? No, you traded it for a life of work slavery.

Happiness? Don't make me laugh.

Do you look back on you years and wish you worked more or spent more time raising your children, preserving your traditions and passing on those timeless stories?

Oh no, it's no problem, there's nothing to see. Please check our latest TV special and consume some TV dinners while you're at it.

Children - a foregone conclusion - now spend 16 years in school, with little time with thier family.

The drum beat of modernism demands this. What - do you want you child to be uncultured swine? Of course not! Instead stick them in schools and in front of the television so they can learn to be functioning worker bees.

Who do you serve? What is your purpose? Why did you give it all up?

Take back your roles! Take back your womanhood! Take back your manhood! Give your children a childhood! Do not give it up so easily! Fight back! Embrace your duties and your biological role in humanity!

Stripping a woman of her womanhood is stripping that very bit of humanity that makes women a fundementally different, and crucial gender required of a society that functions.

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