The Four Horseman of the Privacy Apocalypse

Every time the government wants to invade your privacy they always do the same old song and dance, an appeal to emotion or some sort of boogeyman.

The whole 'reason' we get constant illegal searches on vehicles.
Islamic Terrorism
The whole 'reason' we get phones tapped and molested at the airport.
Porn depicting minors
Think of the children, we can't have encryption, you don't want to be a diddler do you?
Domestic Firearms
Listen Sir, we cannot let you own or manufacture guns without absurd rules, for your safety (actually the government's safety)

If you ever hear these ridiculous reasons, run for cover, because the populace is about to get a whole lot more butt-fuckin' coming their way from the state.

There's always exceptions to every rule. As Americans, Humans, whatever, we realize that for the majority to have freedoms, there will be an associated cost. The problem is the cost of the regulations almost always are worse in the long run than the benefits of them.

Often each small 'step' seems reasonable, but when added up, it creates a society in which no-one is very free. See this section of I.S.A.I.F. for more on the endless crawl of control.

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