Live Free AND Die

I really hate the phrase "live free or die". It's catchy but it's illogical. The problem is it was written by people actually willing to fight for their freedoms, to die in service of the cause of freedom. Now it's a rallying cry for libertarians and centrists who favor small government. But the fact is, few people believe it. I submit the picture above as the logically correct flag for americans today. It's not a political statement, it's a guarantee.

The IRS will shoot your family if you don't pay your taxes. Sounds crazy? It's not.

  1. Don't pay your taxes
  2. Refuse to pay your taxes for more time
  3. Have a warrant against you for being at tax avoider
  4. Refuse to go with the police who are attempting to arrest you
  5. Enlist your trusty family with some guns to prevent your kidnap
  6. Die

Of course it's a bit silly, all you had to do was pay your taxes, or comply with whatever onerous law is passed, or just take down that american flag which we told you was to damn tall and aginst township regualtions and if you DON'T comply - there's always a threat of force

So it's better to state that - if one wishes to live free - that person will die at the hands of the agents of the state.

I chose the phrygian cap as I think it does a better job capturing the essential nature of liberty as a historical reference rather than a random snake

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