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a. It's a phrase that rings out on /r/philadelphia often, from a resident of a beleagured and ignored neighborhood overrun by drug zombies. It's more than a phrase, it's a call to action.

b. We have discussed previously how the government apparatjik continually fails to protect it's residents and their property. This is most obviously felt in Kensignton and surrounding neighborhoods where the plight of open air drug markets and the effects of which have ransacked residents of their right to a peaceful and just place to live.

c. As usual the city timidly takes steps to address this problem, but without any real results. There's no cohesive solution offered, nothing more than timid 'we're trying'. Meanwhile, residents suffer and thousands of lives are lost and a beautiful neighborhood goes to rot.

d. My addition to this discussion I think will mostly to put into concrete writing a collection of /u/scumandvillany's points so the newcomer knows what he's on about.

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