Editors Note: I transcribed this from a leaflet, I don't know the source - but it's clearly related to Havel


you are not chosing the easy path.

you are a dissindent fighting for truth.

you do not become a dissident because you decide one day to take up this most unusual career.

you are thrown into it by your own personal sense of responsibility, combined with a cmplex set of external circumstances.

you are cast out of the existing structures and placed in a position of conflict with them.

it begins as an attempt to do you work well and ends with you being branded as an enemy of society.

it is up to you whether you chose to live in truth or dwell in lies.

it is up to you to decided whether living in the truth is worth the stuggle - and sacrifice if the possible outcome is from doing so is important and valuable, or the comfort and securtiy of living in lies is more appealing.

but the fact that you have the ability to make that choice demonstrates the power you have as the powerless, a power that structures in place do everthing to supress.

there are thousands of nameless people who tried to lived within the truth and millions who want to and cannot.

perhaps only because to so in the circumstances in which they live, they would need ten times the courage of those who have already taken the first step.

what would the world look like if people gained that courage to take the first step and recognize the power of the powerless?

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