unlec's wrath

From my dearest unlec, I quoth:

Dear Narc-ing Scumbag,

Whoever called our carrier, I challenge you to a UFC cage fight, in a classic tech bros
kind of way. Email help@unlec.com and I will get it setup.
The funds raised will go towards your hospital bills, should you proceed.

You must be so happy with yourself, considering IT DID NOTHING.
You lose. Just like you will in the ring, scum sucking algae eater.

Your hobbies probably include:
Kicking dogs, pushing over strollers, stealing money from tip jars

You may not be the dumbest person alive, but you better hope that he doesn't die.

Were you the hall monitor in school that everyone hated?

I'm going to guess your significant other doesn't give you much attention

You must have been born on a highway because that's where most accidents happen.

COVID must have been a dream come true, now you can wear a mask in public instead of your face

You must be one of those people who wins the lottery and is like:

Do you call the police when your neigbor accidentally mows your lawn?

How many times a week do you "ask for the manager"?

How many times a month do you use an expired coupon then yell at the cashier?

Maybe you could post a bad review about our FREE SITE on yelp for giving out too much data

Do you get a free bottle of water from someone and think to yourself:
I bet these guys don't have a distribution agreement with Nestle to give out free water..

I just got a free bag of dorritos with my purchase.. I'm gonna call Frito-Lay and check on this

This Toyotathon deal, it seems too good... I wonder if it was manufacturer authorized

My American Express card just gave me 10,000 free points... I'm gonna cancel this thing

If you want to come forward so I can post your picture on the front of the page, email help@unlec.com

Not random texts I claim no copyright. Random texts, I do not claim copyright. this is from unlec