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2020-11-01 First Boot.
2020-11-26 Import ISAIF.
2021-03-22 Reboot
2021-03-22 Added Derived Legitimacy.
2021-03-24 https available for those who wish
2021-03-25 importing notes on mandatory vivitrol
2021-03-26 added "Live Free AND Die"
2021-04-05 added "Inky"
2021-04-05 added "Ur-Fascism" by Umberto Eco, a quite good critique
2021-04-07 added an old leaflet "powerless"
2021-04-28 added "gulag archipelago".
2021-05-11 added "Birthright".
2021-06-13 added "On GDPR"
2021-08-17 added Afghans.
2021-11-17 added "On Rittenhouse"
2021-11-18 added "Kaczynski in Practice: The Amish"

random texts

Derived Legitimacy. An ongoing critique of Philadelphia.
MANDATORY VIVITROL. Much ado about Kensington
Live Free AND Die. Theres no 'or' in 'the IRS will shoot your kids'
The Philadelphia Inquirer. Theres nothing worse than a 'non-profit' newspaper run by local elites.
Birthright. Who the fuck wants to be part of this society?
The Right To Bear Arms, PA Edition. It's even better than the 2nd amendment
On GDPR. If you're dealing with terroristic governments, try keep it to one
Afghans. Empty
On Rittenhouse, or "Posse comitatus". A single man militia. Good follow up to Derived Legitimacy
Kaczynski in Practice: The Amish. The Amish framework for fighting the techological system.

not random texts

Ted Kaczynski - Industrial Society and Its Future. Imported 11/26/2020.
Ur-Fascism - Umberto Eco (1995). Imported 04/05/2020.
Powerless. Imported 04/07/2020.
Gulag Archipelago. Imported 04/07/2020.

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