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explore Pennsylvania's voter registery. Imported 11/11/2020. Cross references for elections not enabled, but you can manually pull them from This does not include any 2020 General Election results.


explore Michigans's voter registery. Imported 11/09/2020.

Wisconsin Voter Rolls

explore the Wisconson Voter Rolls. Individual voting type (mail, regular, etc) per election are in the fields denoted by monthyear. Enjoy! Imported 11/13/2020.

Georgia Abesentee Ballots 2020

explore Georgia's 2020 Absentee Ballot dataset below. Imported 11/13/2020.

Clark County Mail-In Ballots 2020

explore Clark County, Nevada's 2020 General Election Mail-In-Ballot dataset below. Imported 11/12/2020.

Chinese Communist Party Member List

explore the list of chinese communist party members. Imported 11/12/2020.

not random texts

Ted Kaczynski - Industrial Society and Its Future. Imported 11/26/2020.

This is all public data. I claim no copyright. Also checkout for the raw data